2 flutes (2nd doubling piccolo & alto flute)
2 oboes
2 B-flat clarinets (2 doubling Bass Clarinet) 2 bassoons (2nd doubling contrabassoon)
4 horns in F
3 trumpets in C
2 tenor trombones bass trombone tuba
percussion (3 players):
finger cymbals, triangle, crotales, vibraphone, kalimba, almglocken, glockenspiel, tam-tam, suspended cymbal (4), piccolo snare drum, tambourine, bass drum, marimba, low Asian drum, woodblock, hi-hat, sandpaper blocks, 2 flexible switches, crash cymbals piano (doubling celesta) harp

Cello Concerto

Duration: 25"

Commissioned by the Seattle Symphony Orchestra, the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra, and the Columbus Symphony Orchestra with funding from the Johnstone Fund for New Music